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English Conversation Classes in Istanbul

Genuine, Native English Teachers

Accent, pronunciation and an inherent understanding of a language is best taught by natives of that language. We have made this our core principle and only have genuine, native English teachers.

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King’s English is aiming to become a premium, global brand for English language education. To find your nearest King’s English outlet, click below.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Confidence to use and improve your English only comes with practice and opportunities to speak in an environment that is relaxed and fun. A King’s English conversation class creates that environment and will unlock your potential.

Client Resource Centre

Our online resource centre helps our students to prepare for classes and further develop the concepts, topics and ideas introduced during group sessions.

Boost Your Career

If your job requires you to communicate in English this can be an unwelcome stress and added complication to your work. We provide practical, hands on support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? No problem, take a look at our FAQ section for answers to the most common questions we are asked.

FAQ Section